Make Healthy Eating a Habit!

We've got good news for you: SALSAOLOGY sauces are always preservative free, non-GMO, gluten free, and vegan— so you can always feel good about including them in your favorite recipes.

Ingredients That Taste Good, And Are Good For You.

To kick off a healthy 2022, we're spotlighting five ingredients found in Mexican cuisine that come with health benefits you won't want to miss out on!


Tomatillos are a staple in Mexican cuisine— so naturally, we had to include them in our Ancho Chile & Tamarind Sauce, Barbacoa One Pot Simmer Sauce, and, of course, Tomatillo One Pot Simmer Sauce! Best known for their vibrant green color and tart flavor, tomatillos can be eaten raw or cooked and are usually used as a base for salsas. Learn more about the health benefits of this ingredient here.


Hibiscus flowers are a popular ingredient in Mexico, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the main ingredients of our Chile Negro & Hibiscus SauceAlthough most commonly brewed into tea, hibiscus flowers can also be found in savory sautées and sweet desserts. Learn more about the health benefits of this ingredient here


Tamarind, tamarindo in Spanish, is a very popular ingredient in Mexico and the key ingredient in our Ancho Chile & Tamarind SauceBest known for its brown shelled pods and pulp, tamarind is commonly used in salsas, marinades, drinks, and desserts. Learn more about the health benefits of this ingredient here.

Chili Peppers

Found all throughout Mexico and in a variety of dishes, chili peppers come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and levels of spiciness. The one thing most pepper varieties have in common is the main active ingredient Capsaicin, which is responsible for the peppers spicy taste and many of the health benefits that come along with eating them. Although chili peppers tend to cause a burning sensation once consumed, they have long been known as the “healthy spice” and have been linked to promoting weight loss and relieving pain caused by acid reflux. Chili peppers are also rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, B6, K1, A, Potassium, and Copper.

You can find of chiles in each of our sauce flavors!


The nopal cactus, more commonly known as the prickly pear cactus, is a plant native to Mexico. From tacos to juice, nopales are a versatile ingredient that can be eaten raw or cooked. Learn more about the health benefits of this ingredient here.

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