From the JEFA'S Desk - End of Summer

Hiya Saucy Posse! It’s the end of summer and like most everyone else, I can’t believe the leaves will start to change soon and the holiday tunes are in queue. But before I pull out my fluffy sweaters, I want to take a moment to reflect on what an incredible summer this has been for me and this lil’ sauce company.

We kicked off the summer with some new members on the team that have been kicking butt and helping make us a more efficient and productive business. But what I am most grateful for is their commitment and the energy these girls bring every day; their enthusiasm is contagious and our office feels are fun and vibrant, despite all the curveballs sent our way each day.

And of course there was the excitement of us winning the coveted Gold Sofi Award. Attending New York’s Fancy Food Show for all the events of recognition was incredible! To see our Ancho Chile & Tamarind Sauce featured throughout the four day event was truly a proud moment (you can read more about the experience here).

Gold Sofi Awards - NYC Fancy Food Sow

But my personal highlight of this summer was that I was able to take a proper vacation after the NYC festivities. After a whirlwind of demos, work and buyer meetings, my husband and I jumped on a plane to visit a place from the top of my bucket list; Istanbul! The people, the architecture, the vibrancy of the old and new and of course the food was truly a dream come true. Then we jetted off to visit some friends in Greece and did some island hoping in Kefalonia, Santorini and a quick stop in Athens.

The break was reinvigorating. It was a reminder of how important it is to take moments of rest and self-care, in ways that are meaningful to you. I had not been able to go away some place far and disconnect from work since I started the business over three years ago. Although to make a confession; I never intended to disengage from all the saucy business and happenings. But, fate had another plan for me when the internet connectivity overseas was less than reliable…it forced me to, dare I say it – relax.

I came back energized to take the rest of the year on! I continue to be mindful of this realization and have been more aware of the present and being grateful for every moment, even the bad ones which inevitably help me grow. As we get ready to step into the flurry of celebrations and the holiday craze, I encourage you to not forget to nourish your body and soul. And don’t forget to love all…we can make a better world this way!

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