OLOGY™ is a line of cooking sauces inspired by the regional flavors and ingredients of Mexico. Made with all natural, non GMO ingredients, our products help bring high quality Mexican inspired flavors to your kitchen simple and fast.

Made in sunny and beautiful Los Angeles, California, SALSAOLOGY products are packed with love from our kitchen to yours.
Buen Provecho! 


That’s right! Our brand name reminds us that the Spanish word “salsa” means sauce. Salsas are so much more than a dip for that tasty chip or a sweet and spicy mole. Salsas, or sauces, are central to Mexican cooking and vary in texture, color and flavors that feature one or several types of chiles. Salsas are fundamental if not imperative to making any Mexican dish.

SALSAOLOGY explores the unique ingredients and culinary traditions that vary regionally throughout Mexico, bringing them to your kitchen with the snap of a jar.


To produce Mexican inspired products that explore and reimagine the diversity and richness of Mexico’s regional flavors and culinary traditions for the modern cook.


SALSAOLOGY™ products are made by sourcing the highest quality, local ingredients that help mitigate our environmental footprint. We are passionate about making clean label food products; free of preservatives and additives not just because it’s good for you but because we truly care. We love our planet and the people living on it.