At SALSAOLOGY we craft unique, authentic Mexican simmer sauces made from high-quality, local ingredients to bring the vibrant regional flavors of Mexico to your kitchen any night of the week. 

Dinner in under 30 minutes



Each of our hand-crafted sauces is inspired by the vibrant and diverse regional flavors of Mexico. Check out the map to discover more about your favorite sauces (aka “salsas” in español.)

don't take our word for it

Our short ribs were dancing in this flavorful sauce!! My kids & husband gobbled them up!

Monica C.

It's not unusual to go into the kitchen in the evening without a plan, or with leftovers. Mixing the Ancho Chile and Tamarind with ground chicken and vegetables, for example, makes it taste like a rare meal.

Michael K.

I loved these sauces! The Chile Negro & Hibiscus was my favorite and a total hit at the last party I hosted. I will definitely continue to purchase these.


The depth of flavor. The sauces help make easy dinners that don’t taste easy

Samantha G.

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