Happy 3rd Birthday To Us!

Three years ago today, I pulled up to a local artisanal fair in a white cargo van filled with cases of sauce which had just come off the production line of our manufacturer, for our first time ever. “What was I thinking?” ran through my head from the moment I had 900 plus jars loaded into the van. I didn’t have the first clue on how to set up a booth, in fact; I didn’t have a sales pitch and I wasn’t quite sure I’d sell much- if anything at all. But my biggest fear that day, was that my products would not be loved. Regional Mexican cooking sauces were unheard of up until that moment. What if customers didn't want something more than mole, green or red sauce? I didn't know, all I knew was that my sauces were delicious, unique and innovative but fear of rejection and the unknown can shake up anyone.

As people walked by our booth that first day, my husband, family and I were ecstatic to share spoonfuls of sauce. All the reactions to tasting the sauces for the first time were priceless and consequently hundreds of jars flew off our shelves. Overwhelmed with how much love filled our booth that day, I knew then, that I was meant to share the flavors of my heritage with the world. And so the journey began.


Product debut. Lori in SALSAOLOGY booth for Artisanal LA, April 2015

Nothing about this business has been simple or predictable (I suspect that this is part of the appeal for an entrepreneur). But I have enjoyed every step of the way, all the good and yes, even the bad. Perhaps it’s the darkest of days that I am more grateful for because it’s in this space that I have been tested, I have grown and I’ve become stronger.

Today, I reflect on the lovely timeline my team put together to commemorate today. It’s a beautiful graphic of a straight line with delightful images that depict SALSAOLOGY highlights over the past three years. Although visually, it’s a relatively short line retelling our company history, in reality it has felt longer and bumpier; because getting to each one of those markers has been an extraordinary accomplishment that I have unapologetically worked for.

Granted, it’s easy to stay on course and motivated when you have the love and support of my husband, family and friends. But ultimately, I am most encouraged everyday by our customers. Without every single one of you, SALSAOLOGY would not be. Every day, I am humbled and grateful that you love and cook with our products to share with your loved ones. I still pinch myself at that thought!

From my heart, I thank you all for letting us into your kitchen to help create the foods that witness your special memories around the table. I hope our products continue to inspire you and we look forward to sharing the new chapters of SALSAOLOGY with you.

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