International Women's Day

5 Women-Owned Food Brands To Try

Today is International Women’s Day— a day dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women all around the world! 

SALSAOLOGY is proud to be both woman-founded and women-led. We’re passionate about empowering and supporting fellow woman-owned businesses, today and everyday. We believe that there’s room at the table for all of us and celebrating each other’s victories creates community and power.  

In celebration of this special day, we're highlighting a few of our favorite women-owned food brands with delicious products you’ll want to add to your kitchen!

Agua Bonita


Agua Bonita is a beverage company that has created a line of Agua Frescas made with real fruit and no added sugar. With flavors like Mango Habanero, Pineapple Cucumber, and Watermelon Chile, these refreshing canned beverages are perfect to enjoy on-to-go or at home! Learn more about Agua Bonita here.

The Pinole Project


The Pinole Project is a food company with a line of Pinole Chia Oatmeals, that are vegan and gluten-free. Pinole is an Aztec Superfood made from ground non-gmo heirloom corn that is mixed with spices and sweeteners. With flavors like Banana Cinnamon, PB & Cacao, and Original, these nutritious oatmeals are the perfect start to any day! Learn more about The Pinole Project here.

Nemi Snacks 


Nemi Snacks is a food company that makes crispy Mexican-inspired snack sticks made from cactus, seeds, and spices. With flavors like Chile Turmeric, Smoky Chipotle, Mexican Lime, and Churro, there’s something for everyone’s snack craving! Learn more about Nemi Snacks here.



Tatemada is a food company that makes delicious and authentic hot sauces, made with fresh ingredients. With flavors and spice levels varying from the hot Jalapeno Salsa and hot Arbol Salsa to the medium Molcajete Salsa and mild Tomatillo Salsa, each jar is packed with flavor and perfect for adding to your favorite recipes. Learn more about Tatemada here.



Josefa is a food company that makes an authentic Mexican treat called Cajeta— a caramel made from simple ingredients like goat’s milk, cane sugar, and syrup. The rich and smooth texture of cajeta makes it perfect to use as a spread, topping, dipping sauce, or simply to enjoy by the spoonful! Learn more about Josefa here.

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