Introducing: Jefas Spotlight Series

From the SALSAOLOGY office to social media everywhere, we introduce our Jefas Spotlight Series! Every month we’ll be spotlighting some trailblazing Latina entrepreneurs making their mark in the business world. From bakers to designers to all around boss babes, we can’t wait to share the stories and advice of these inspiring women. It’s our hope that through the Jefas Spotlight series, we can introduce you (our fellow sauce lovers) to some amazing brands and even more amazing jefas.

To kick off our Jefas Spotlight Series, we’d like highlight our very own Sauce Boss Babe: Lori Sandoval. Check out what inspired her to start SALSAOLOGY and the piece of advice she'd like to share with future entrepreneurs!

Lori Sandoval, Founder of SALSAOLOGY

What is your business and what inspired you to start it?

I have created Mexican inspired cooking sauces that bring unique flavor combinations and all natural ingredients to the modern cook's kitchen, simple and fast. I created this product because there was a void on market shelves that properly represented Mexican cuisine and flavors, which are also good for you and good for the planet too! 

How do you overcome challenges and stay motivated?

The mental, emotional and physical work in sync for me to overcome challenges. So first I get a good sweaty yoga session, which helps me remove myself from a situation so that I am able to look at a challenge, especially a difficult one, from a different perspective. If that doesn't do it for me, then I turn to my tribe to vent or to be reminded of the things that are important. But motivation is something that I believe truly comes from within. I tap into the passion I have for my products and for my culture. Or I simply remind myself that failure is not an option for me. I always think about my parents that did so much as immigrants in this country with an ounce of all the resources I have available to me - so I have zero excuses!

What is an important lesson you’ve learned as a female latinx entrepreneur?

Stand your ground and learn when to say no. It's important to have conviction for your business values and mission and if there is an opportunity for you that doesn't align with these, then it is not an opportunity for you. As women, sometimes we are afraid to speak up or we are afraid to pass up on any opportunity, but not everything is right for your business and that's okay. Also, in this way, you are able to make space for better suited opportunities to come to you. 
Best advice you’ve received and would like to share?

Flow with the universe. Learn to be flexible and adapt to the journey. Owning and growing a business is not a straight line, so the better equipped you are to go with the ebbs and flows, or as I say, "pivot" when there is a challenge, then not only do you grow; but the business does as well. And sometimes that means doing nothing and letting things work themselves out - this is counter intuitive to the "hustle" mentality, but it's part of letting the universe do it's thing for you! 

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