#JefaSpotlight: Alicia Becerra, Alicias Delicias

This week we're very excited to spotlight baker and painter Alicia Becerra! Alicia has been baking for as long as she can remember. After years of cake designing, baking competitions, and a move to San Diego, Alicia found herself turning to cookie art. This switch in focus led to the birth of Alicias Delicias-- a delicious hand-painted cookie business that showcases Mexican themes. From pan dulce to elotes to lotería cards and even piñatas, all of Alicia's cookies are 100% edible and art works in themselves. Read more about Alicia's story, what keeps her motivated, and a piece of advice she lives by, below! 

Alicia Becerra, Founder of Alicias Delicias

What is your business and what inspired you to start it?

I am a cookie artist. When I was eight years old, my mother introduced me to the world of baking. She taught me the necessary skills to create delicious cakes and baked goods for friends and family. She also inspired me to follow my dreams and to never stop creating.

This passion for baking continued into adulthood. Over the years, I became an award-winning cake designer, including a win on Food Network’s Cake Wars.  

Cookie art has been my recent focus. It has given me the ability to showcase my painting skills, my culture, and most importantly, my passion for art.



How do you overcome challenges and stay motivated?

I sometimes get bogged down by the tiresome and unexciting aspects of running a business.  However, I have learned that remaining focused on my artistry is key.

My culture has been my biggest and most recent influence. I am extremely proud of my family’s roots. We are a large Mexican-American familia with Yaqui and Tarascan Indian blood lines.  This heritage gives me inspiration to create art based on my culture.

What is an important lesson you’ve learned as a female latinx entrepreneur?

I’ve learned that it is important to remain true to myself and my culture.

A few years ago, I noticed a lack of genuine Mexican cultural representation in the cookie world. I saw many stereotypical designs that were not a true depiction of the beauty and art that represents us. We are more than just maracas and mustaches.

In response, I decided to create handmade cookie art by sculpting and painting traditional Mexican items like pan dulce, talavera pottery, mariachi wear, and pop culture inspired foods, to name a few.

My goal was to promote a sense of pride and cultural awareness through my cookie art.  


Best advice you’ve received and would like to share?

Not surprisingly, the best advice I have received was from my mother.  She taught me to always treat others the way we want to be treated. Every single person we encounter is deserving of love, compassion and respect.

Be sure to follow Alicia and keep up with all her beautiful cookie art on Instagram: @AliciasDelicias.

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