#JefaSpotlight: Linda García, Let There Be Luz

This week we are so excited to spotlight writer and podcaster, Linda García! Linda is the creator of Let There Be Luz—a weekly podcast that takes you on a powerful spiritual journey. With topics like healing, meditation, self care and much more, Linda has created a community of learning and investing in one's own spiritual journey. Check out what she had to say about her the inspiration behind Let There Be Luz and an important lesson she's learned since launching her podcast. 

What is your business/project and what inspired you to start it? 

I have a podcast called Let There Be Luz, where I document my spiritual journey and take my listeners along for the ride. We start with understanding the power of our periods and how it can help us to listen to our intuitive voice as well as one of the most powerful tools to manifest. 

How do you overcome challenges and stay motivated?

I practice compassion towards myself and I make sure to stay away from comparing myself to others when things are not going exactly as planned. I have found that when we are in the space of executing our life's purpose, it's easier to stay motivated, that doesn't mean there aren't tough days and we sometimes find ourselves wanting to give up, it's more like constant whispers on where and what you need to be doing.  

What is an important lesson you’ve learned as a female latinx entrepreneur?

Don't give away your power! I am still trying to master this lesson. I sometimes don't stand in my power because I was raised to not stand tall in it, so I'll give it away not fully owning my path and my abilities. 








Best advice you’ve received and would like to share?

This piece of advice was given to me from my intuition, there is nothing you need that has to obtain outside of you. Everything you need is within. 



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