#JefaSpotlight: Joanna Rosario and Leslie Valdivia, Vive Cosmetics

This week we're so excited to spotlight founders and creators, Joanna Rosario and Leslie Valdivia! Joanna and Leslie are the duo behind Vive Cosmetics, a Latina-owned and operated beauty brand. From lipsticks to highlighters, Vive Cosmetics focuses on creating products that celebrates the Latinx community. Read more about what Joanna and Leslie have to say about their journey as entrepreneurs so far!

What is your business and what inspired you guys to start it?

Joanna and I created Vive Cosmetics. Vive Cosmetics is a Latina-owned and operated beauty brand created to celebrate the diversity and power of the Latinx community and Latina womxn.

What inspired us to created Vive was the lack of representation of Latinas in a catergory where we are the top consumers. Latinas outspend all other ethnic groups in the beauty industry and category. While our economic power is unparalleled, beauty companies only see us as $$ and not for who we truly are. We need companies who truly care and Vive Cosmetics is here to change that. We want all Latinas and all Latinx to realize the power of our community.


How do you guys overcome challenges and stay motivated?

Truly, what keep us going is the feedback and support we receive from our customers and community. We get emails and DMs of mujeres thanking us for starting this brand where they feel seen. Our products are merely a tool for their own process of empowerment for them to conquer the world. 

What is an important lesson you’ve learned as a female latinx entrepreneurs?

Something we've learned in starting our beauty brand, in an industry we knew NOTHING about, is to give ourselves lottsss of time before our projected launch date. Everything, from box productions, formula changes, packaging mishaps, takes double the time we thought so we've learned to take our time and make sure we plan projects with plenty of time in advance. You need lots of patience and believe everything will work out. 


Best advice you’ve received and would like to share?

I think the best advice we can give is trust your instinct. Joanna and I have pushed back launches because were not 100% in love with our product. Don't sell things you're not in love with. Customers can tell the intention you put in everything.

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