Meet the SALSAOLOGY Team: Cassie Osterman, Photographer & Videographer

It’s Cassie here and if you already know me, you will know that I am 22 years old and most of my days start with a cup of coffee (and by most I mean all of my days). Currently drinking an iced lavender latte and typing from a coffee shop. I could sit here for hours editing while an exclusive concert is happening with me and my two ear buds, playing whatever is on my current playlist. Right now it consists of some Borns, Oh Wonder, Lany, and Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift. As for the rest of my days, it’s always something different. You could find me in the mountains, along the cliffs, by the beach, or walking around the streets of North Park (currently my favorite neighborhood in San Diego to roam around) with a camera always in hand. I am extremely passionate about capturing moments through filmmaking and photography. 

I think as I started taking photos I have become more aware of the little things in life, the details in the tree bark as well as the grandeur of the landscapes around me along with the way the natural light hits certain parts of a wall to create a beautiful array of shadows. I have always taken a liking to photography, but it wasn’t until I was a senior in high school when I discovered my deep love for it. It seemed to have captured my imagination more than anything and with photography, my passion for filmmaking followed. These two kind of go hand in hand for me. After high school I continued onto the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and received my Associates in Digital Arts and now I am pursuing a Bachelors in Film. 

I have always leaned toward a more natural, aesthetic style— ambient, raw and emotive. In my portrait work I love to convey a feeling in a person. When someone looks at my work whether it’s a photo or a short film I want them to be looking at it and feel something. I always want to be working on something and finding other people to do collaborations with. I never want to be doing nothing. I always want to be creating something. I believe in trying to see the good in all things, embrace uncertainty and to make your life art.

I joined the SALSAOLOGY team in 2017. I create all types of content for the brand. I shoot product and lifestyle photography and video as well. I am always working on something fun! I have shot recipe videos as well as lifestyle day in the life type videos. This job keeps me on my toes with my creativity because I often find myself trying out new ideas for shooting product photos of the salsa jars in hopes to make it more fun and playful. Everything I shoot is always up on our Instagram or blog so be sure to keep up with us! 

5 Things About Cassie

If you could vacation anywhere where would it be and why?

Israel. I would like to take a trip out there to see all the historical landmarks that I've been hearing and reading about since I was little from the Bible. I am also just intrigued with the Middle East in general. I want to learn more and experience their culture. 

Favorite musical artist (or one of)? 

Taylor Swift.

Share a fun fact about yourself.

I love whales. 

What's the title of the current chapter of your life?

Where the Skies are Blue

What's your favorite SALSAOLOGY sauce flavor?

Chile Negro & Hibiscus Sauce

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