Meet the SALSAOLOGY Team: Chelsea Cheng, Marketing Intern

Growing up, I moved around a lot - I’ve lived in both Asia and America. I love how I can be a part of two cultures, but most importantly, try all the different kinds of foods! I am currently a senior at USC pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Marketing. I have always been interested in the Marketing industry and Social Media space, and hope to create some inspiring and innovative material in the near future. Kind of a nerd, I spend most of my free time playing games on my phone or scrolling through social media looking for memes. I also enjoy traveling, hanging out with friends, and discovering new places to eat!!

I joined the SALSAOLOGY team about a month ago and have worked on some blog posts, created website headers, and also put us on Google Maps! Working with Lori and the team has truly been inspiring experience for me, I’m always excited for what the day entails. They’ve also introduced me to some delicious eats! 

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5 Things About Chelsea

If you could vacation anywhere where would it be and why?

Japan. Because I just love the food there and how everything there is so cute! I’m a sucker for anything Japanese.

Favorite musical artist (or one of)?

Daniel Caesar

Share a fun fact about yourself:

I hate white chocolate.

What's the title of the current chapter of your life?

Perpetually Hungry.

What's your favorite SALSAOLOGY sauce flavor?

Chile Negro & Hibiscus Sauce

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