Mother’s Day in Mexico: A Celebration of Motherhood

photo courtesy of: Hija de tu Madre

It’s no secret that family is important in Mexican culture-- the closeness and respect found in a Mexican family creates a strong foundation of unity. However, there is one family member who’s pedestal is a little taller than the rest: la madre (the mother).

The Mother Figure in Mexico

Since pre-columbian times in Mexico, mothers have played an important role in the organization and advancement of society. Seen as the first protectors and teachers of the next generation, mothers were considered the backbones of not only their individual families but of society as well.

Today, motherhood in Mexico is associated with kindness, tenderness, and protection. Madres are loved and adored by every member of the family, for devoting their lives to taking care of the home.

The Virgen de Guadalupe in Mexico, seen as the mother figure of all Mexicans, is also an important symbol on this special day. Her image is associated with purity and perfection, as well as motherhood. Mexican madres are viewed as almost an extension of the Virgen de Guadalupe-- worshipped with the same adoration.  

The Celebration

Unlike in the United States, where Mother’s Day is celebrated the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day in Mexico is always celebrated on the 10th of May.

The day of celebration often begins with a little morning music, as it is custom for daughters and sons to wake their mother’s with the sweet sounds of a them singing a song. Some families even hire Mariachi to help them serenade their mothers-- with one of the most popular picks being “Las Mañanitas”. The musical number is often followed by attending a special Mother’s Day mass honoring the Virgen de Guadalupe, who represents all mothers on this special day.

On this day in Mexico, restaurants are filled and the streets are overflowing with families celebrating their mothers and grandmothers. Others choose to avoid the crowds and instead bring food to their mother’s homes to enjoy a Mother’s Day lunch or dinner gathered together.

There is no shortage of gifts on this day of celebration, as mothers are typically showered with flowers and cards. While kids may not have the money to spend on material gifts for their moms, they do their part to show their love and appreciation by preparing handmade gifts and performing skits to entertain them.

Regardless of the form of celebration, Mother’s Day in Mexico is all about honoring and celebrating the women who keep the family together.

Feliz día de las madres to all the Mexican mamas out there!

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