On Sharing Food & Love

“The people who give you their food, give you their heart” – Cesar Chavez


Six months into a pandemic and we all continue striving to find some normalcy or comfort in this new way of life. Around the world, collectively as a human race, we continue to experience many griefs - both directly and indirectly, sometimes leaving us feeling more helpless than the day before. But we have also witnessed the beauty, the compassion, and the resilience of the human spirit.

As an entrepreneur, frankly it’s been difficult, to muster the motivation and focus to keep this business going these past few months. Yes, SALSAOLOGY was impacted just like every other business. Sure, my everyday was tilted on its head when I became a homeschool teacher to my two school age children, like so many other parents too. And of course, like you, I have missed the human connections of family, friends and colleagues; the elements that give life its ultimate meaning.

For me, these connections alone are the meaning of life – the laughter, the warmth and closeness that is bourgeoned when you break bread with others. Food is central, figuratively, and literally, when creating the priceless memories around my dinner table. This is in large part why I do what I do – to share flavors, stories, and love through food.

Reminding myself of this precise belief, gave me the inspiration to preserve the idyllic notion of connectedness through food during this unprecedented time. And with that, came the idea of helping you, our customers, share food with your friends and family on us!

So, our Buy a Bundle, Give a Bundle* campaign was born out of my desire to help you keep sharing and connecting with loved ones through a meal even if, from afar.  I couldn’t think of a better way to finally get our new line of sauces out to the world, because every jar of sauce is truly a piece of my heart.




* Our Buy a Bundle, Give a Bundle Offer allows you to pre-order our new line of One Pot Mexican Simmer Sauces Bundle and send a bundle set to a friend for FREE. Buy a Bundle, Give a Bundle is offered exclusively to our email subscribers for a limited time. For exclusive access, you must join our mailing list using the sign up below. 

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