SALSAOLOGY at Female Entrepreneurs & Food Innovation Panel

SALSAOLOGY was happy to have our founder, Lori Sandoval, among the female founders on the “Food Entrepreneurs & Food Innovation" panel hosted by WiSE and Codesmith. WiSE is a group for anyone who supports the empowerment and equal representation of women and other minority groups in software engineering, as well as entrepreneurship and the broader tech industry.

Our founder, along with fellow boss ladies Sashee Chandran (Tea Drops), Debbie Mullen (Copper Cow Coffee), Rana Lustyan (Edoughble), and Val Fishman (Spread the Love) discussed their journeys to becoming successful food entrepreneurs. From how they stay motivated during challenging times, to what inspired them to start their brands, and how technology plays a pivotal role in reaching their customers, each founder took turns sharing their personal experiences and stories.

The evening started with everyone munching on some chicken and jackfruit tacos made with our Ancho Chile & Tamarind sauce.  As well as sampling an assortments of Tea Drops, Edoughble cookie dough, and coffee from Copper Cow Coffee. After some mingling, it was time for the panel to commence.


The panel focused on how each female founder took the leap of faith to start their own companies, what were some major challenges that came up along the way, and how they use technology everyday to further their business. A couple of points touched upon where:

Just Do It-- You Have To Start Somewhere. Of course taking the first leap of faith is going to be scary when it’s your dream your going after, but if you don’t start somewhere then you’ll never know how far you can go. Focus on your own pace, ignore the competition, and remind yourself that at the beginning it will be rough, but in the end very worth it. 

Technology is everything, even when you don’t realize it. As e commerce brands we actually use technology everyday, all the time. From logging into Shopify, to sending newsletter, to communicating with coworkers on slack, to posting Instagram stories-- all this outreach and communication is made possible because of technology. Use the access to all these social platforms and technology it to your advantage to let people know about your brand and your mission!

The panel discussion was followed by a quick Q&A session and more tacos to end the night!

Thank you to Codesmith and WiSE, for inviting us to be a part of such an motivating and fun night. As well as to all the boss ladies on the panel for being such inspirations and always being so supportive-- we love that you’re each killing the game in your own ways!  Be sure to follow @salsaology on Instagram for more behind the scenes videos and pictures from the event.


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