SALSAOLOGY at La Grande Epicerie de Paris

Things are getting saucy in Paris! We are excited and honored to share that our Ancho Chile & Tamarind, Chile Negro & Hibiscus, and Tres Chiles & Mezcal sauces are officially available at La Grande Epicerie de Paris as a part of the “Los Angeles” Exhibition hosted by Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche.

If you’ve never heard of La Grande Epicerie, just know that it’s not your average grocery store. In fact, it’s really more like a chic 30,000 square foot food department store located in the heart of Paris, France. Inside the grand building, visitors can find some of the best French food while experiencing a shopping trip like no other.

From fresh produce, to wine, to kitchen accessories, La Grande Epicerie offers its customers around 30,000 gourmet products from all over the world to explore-- and now our sauce is one of them! Now thru October 21st, La Grande Epicerie and Le Bon Marche are bringing the California way of life to the Parisian community through their Los Angeles Exhibition. The exhibition features LA based brands with products ranging from food to clothing to home decor and much more.

As an LA brand, and Paris lovers, we are thrilled to be among the brands selected to take part in this grand event. Any opportunity we get to share the regional flavors of Mexico with others, is a good one in our books! It is such an honor to have our products on the shelves of such an iconic store and we hope that the people of Paris get to experience a little taste of Mexico with our sauces.

For our Paris readers (or for anyone who will be visiting Paris in the near future), La Grande Epicerie is open from 8:30 am - 9 pm every day, except Sunday when they open from 10 am - 8pm. If you stop by and spot our sauces on the shelf, be sure to take a pic and tag us @SALSAOLOGY!

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