#JefaSpotlight: Karina Jimenez, Viva Los Cupcakes

This week we're so excited to spotlight founder and creator, Karina Jimenez! Karina is the woman behind Viva Los Cupcakes, a Latina-owned and operated cupcake bakery. With unique flavor combinations like Concha Cookie Dough, Tamal Con Mole, and Churro Con Cajeta, Viva Los Cupcakes focuses on creating baked goods that celebrate the Latinx community. Check out what Vanessa has to say about her journey as an entrepreneur so far!

What is your business and what inspired you to start it?
My business is Viva Los Cupcakes and I was inspired to start it because I found myself bored at my corporate job.

How do you overcome challenges and stay motivated?
When you are an entrepreneur, every day is a challenge. That is just part of being a boss. The responsibilities are many and can be overwhelming at times. But the rewards fuel us. There’s nothing like seeing the fruits of your labor. In my case, I get to interact with my customers first hand and see their reactions. It is my biggest satisfaction. It really validates all my hard work and sleepless nights. It keeps me going.

What is an important lesson you’ve learned as a female latinx entrepreneur?
A very important lesson I’ve learned is to surround myself with supporting peers. The sisterhood of fellow comadres in business is such an amazing support system. Often times as entrepreneurs, especially if we’re solo founders like myself, it can feel like we’re alone in our struggles. These are the times when my business comadres snap me back to reality. Whether we share advice, ideas, resources, momtreprenuer struggles, or just lend an ear to listen, it makes all the difference. I am incredibly proud and grateful for my community of business chingonxs.

Best advice you’ve received and would like to share?
Write it down. Nothing like putting it down on paper to make things real.

Be sure to follow Karina and keep up with all her delicious cupcake creations on Instagram: @vivaloscupcakes.

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