WomenMade LA - A Sisterhood for Women Entrepreneurs

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day to all the boss ladies out there! In the spirit of this special day, it only feels right to spotlight some of our favorite LA based female entrepreneurs-- who we are lucky enough to call friends, too!

WomenMade LA is a collective of companies owned by female & minority entrepreneurs. The idea behind the creation of the collective is to have a community that provides support for female entrepreneurs to grow and succeed. WomenMade LA’s mission is clear and simple: “To create a sisterhood for female entrepreneurs through inspiration, world-class resources, infrastructure, and friendship.” Meet the ladies who together make-up WomenMade LA: Debbie Mullin, Sashee Chandran, and Lori Sandoval.

Debbie Mullin, Copper Cow Coffee

Debbie Mullin is the founder of Copper Cow Coffee and Wei Pantry. Copper Cow Coffee is a Vietnamese pour over coffee company focusing on single serve pour over bags. Wei Pantry is Debbie’s Vietnamese Inspired Cooking Line, currently consisting of a wonderful Shallot Oil. Growing up in a Vietnamese-California household, Debbie was inspired to share the food and flavors of the cuisine, she so dearly loved, but with a California twist. In 2016, after launching the successful Wei Pantry, Debbie traveled to her mother’s hometown of Saigon, Vietnam hoping to find “all natural, socially sustainable, specialty Vietnamese coffee.” After experimenting with different formulas Debbie discovered the perfect brewing technique for Copper Cow’s signature single serve pour over bags.

Sashee Chandran, Tea Drops

Sashee Chandran is the founder of Tea Drops, an organic tea company that makes bagless dissolvable teas in a variety of flavors. Influenced by her Sri Lankan and Chinese heritage, Sashee fell in love with tea and tea culture from a young age-- so much so that she envisioned herself owning a tea shop of her own, once she retired. However, it was while she was working for a technology company that she realized her tea dreams couldn’t wait until she was retired. While at the office Sashee would make and drink tea at her desk all the time-- she began to notice that making loose leaf tea took a little longer than she liked, so she began to test out recipes and formulas for loose leaf tea pressed into shapes that were dissolvable and bagless. Sashee launched Tea Drops in 2015 after two years of experimenting to find the perfect tea drop formula. Today, Tea Drops has a variety of flavors and tea styles ranging from the classic Tea Drop to the new Tea Sprinkles.

Lori Sandoval, SALSAOLOGY

Lori Sandoval is the founder of SALSAOLOGY, a line of cooking sauces inspired by the different regions of Mexico. A lover of travel and culinary experiences, Lori attended culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles and spent a decade cooking in notable kitchens across the city. It was during this time that Lori noticed a lack of authentic representation for Mexican cuisine in the marketplace. In 2015, Lori launched SALSAOLOGY with two cooking sauces that reflected the culinary experience of Mexico’s Jalisco and Zacatecas regions, in honor of her mother and father’s hometowns . The word “salsa” in SALSAOLOGY reminds people that salsa means sauce in Spanish. Since first launching her business, Lori has introduced additional sauce flavors that continue to celebrate the diversity of Mexico’s regional flavors and culinary traditions for the modern kitchen.

To read individual interviews and learn more about each of the female entrepreneurs visit the WomenMade LA website.

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