Feliz Cumpleaños to Us!

Yes, Happy 4th Birthday to all of us, including YOU our loyal customers. Without your love and support, SALSAOLOGY would simply not be. Because you choose to support a small, woman and minority owned business, believe in natural clean ingredients and a sustainable supply chain for a better earth – because of you, we are here today.

This past year was filled with many wonderful surprises, and I mean truly, unplanned events and accomplishments that astonished me. The first of course, was winning and receiving the coveted Sofi Gold Award in New York. There we were, receiving a gold “food Oscar” statue trophy amongst thousands of international gourmet and specialty items, the feat was in one word; amazing.

Then a few months later, I got the phone call about the feature on Forbes.com which profiled me, the values and the mission that makes the SALSAOLOGY brand. That moment was unreal to me, as I looked at the article on this highly regarded business publication; I felt so much pride to represent the Latinx community on this platform, and it only fueled my dreams and mission which I hope will continue to inspire others.

Lastly, and just as memorable was the experience of seeing our products on the shelves of Paris’ most exclusive and luxurious department and grocery store – Le Bon Marche and La Grande Epicerie. In my elemental ill pronounced French, I proudly sampled our sauces in a top rated international retailer, which not even my wildest dreams could have conjured up. But it happened!

Looking back at this year, seems like a dream from long ago, because in the midst of it all the greatness, I have dealt with many growing pains, struggled to make difficult decisions trying to figure out what path I shall take this business and have sought balance in this ever changing world we live in. But how can one not persevere with the incredible support we have from you, my team, my friends and family? This way it’s easy to stay true and focused on what we are and what we want to become.

But today, I’m giddy with excitement for all the cool surprises we have in store for this new year which I know you will all love so much! So stay tuned. And until next time, but not without one last acknowledgement of gratitude for you all. Sending you; mucho Amor!

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