Meet the SALSAOLOGY Team: Karina Corona, Marketing Associate

Hello! If you're reading, thanks for checking out our blog. My name is Karina Corona-- before you ask, yes that really is my name-- and I was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles. I love coffee, puppies, traveling and attending concerts. In my free time I love trying new coffee shops, grabbing a bite to eat with friends, and going on long runs around my neighborhood.

Ever since high school I knew that I wanted to become a journalist, specifically an entertainment journalist. There's always been something that interested me about me about the entertainment industry-- maybe it was the idea of getting to interview all my favorite celebrities. With my goals set, I attended and graduated from Pepperdine University, where I studied Broadcast Journalism and Hispanic Studies. After graduation I had a couple of jobs in the entertainment industry as an assistant, trying to find my place and gain experience but I just couldn't my "niche"...which led to thinking about a career change. 

Although I have been an avid social media user since high school, it wasn't until college when I really started to notice the power that these platforms had-- not to mention, how it became an industry all on its own. After being in the "real world" for a bit, I began to really get into the idea of pursing social media and marketing as a career. I took on a few internships as a social media intern to gain practice and learn more about the back end of socials-- the analytics that are attached to each post, what worked what didn't, etc. 

I joined the SALSAOLOGY team earlier this year as a social media and marketing associate. In case you didn't get a chance to check out my takeover on the SALSAOLOGY Instagram account I'll go ahead and give you a quick summary of what a day in the office is like for me-- although no two days are alike! Usually I start my day by pouring myself a cup of coffee and reading through/replying to my emails. Once I've cleared my inbox it's usually time to post on the SALSAOLOGY socials-- to which I refer to my content calendar for. This is the place where I plan out about a month's worth of content so that I'm not scrambling to find something to post the day off. However, don't get me wrong, sometimes plan change and that's exactly what happens-- that's what makes this position exciting and keeps me on my toes! Some days I get to make up and try out different recipes (which you can find here), followed by collaborating with our videographer/photographer Cassie to create the recipe videos and photos you see online. Other days I'm writing blog posts, working on special projects, creating newsletters, or brainstorming what's next for the digital side of SALSAOLOGY. 

Be sure to follow along for more saucy content on Instagram and Facebook, as well as become a part of the SALSAOLOGY familia by signing up for our newsletter (there are some pretty sweet exclusive discounts if I do say so myself). 

5 Things About Karina

If you could vacation anywhere where would it be and why?

I'm torn between Madrid, Spain or Medellin, Colombia-- both these places hold a special place in my heart and are tied to some really amazing memories that make me who I am today! In college, I had the opportunity to spend a summer studying abroad in Spain. Although at first I was hesitant about moving so far away from my family, it was such a great learning and growing experience. Today, I without a doubt say that my time abroad became my favorite summer and the people and culture won my heart. As for Colombia, the entire country is special to me because I have family all throughout but one city in particular stands out: Medellin aka Medallo aka the city of eternal spring. Asides from the fact that my family resides there, I'm obsessed with the style, culture, way of life, views, food, weather and just about every other aspect that makes it the great city it is. To sum it up, if I had the chance to book a plane ticket anywhere Madrid and Medellin are at the top of my list!

Favorite musical artist (or one of)? 

J Balvin

Share a fun fact about yourself.

I've been to over 100 concerts (I'm actually headed to one tonight, too!)

What's the title of the current chapter of your life?

A Work in Progress

What's your favorite SALSAOLOGY sauce flavor?

Tres Chiles & Mezcal

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