Mezcal VS Tequila: What's Difference?

Do you know the difference between Mezcal & Tequila? Well, if you don’t... we’re here to break it down for you!

1. All Tequilas are Mezcals but not all Mezcals are Tequila. 

  • Mezcal is a Mexican distilled spirit made from the agave plant. It can be made from more than 30 types of agave. Mezcal is made by cooking the agave in underground pits, lined with hot rocks that have burned for around 24 hours, then distilled on small pot stills. The roasting of the agave gives mezcal it’s distinctive smoky taste.
    • Tequila is technically a mezcal; however the difference in production technique separates it from other mezcals - the main difference being that tequila must be made from a single type of agave: the blue Weber agave. It’s made by steaming the heart of the agave plant in above-ground ovens, then the liquid is distilled in copper pots.

    2. They originate in different geographic locations.

    • Because Mezcal can be derived from many agave species, production is geographically spread. However, the heartland for Mezcal is in Oaxaca, where it originated.
    • Tequila is predominantly produced in the state of Jalisco where much of the blue Weber agave is found. Other production regions include small parts of Nayarit, Michoacán, Guanajuato, and Tamaulipas.

    3. They each have a distinctive taste.

    Because of the starkly different production styles, Mezcal and Tequila have different flavor palettes. Mezcal has a unique smoky, rich, and flavorful aroma and taste whereas Tequila is sweet, honeyed, and spicy.

    Now that some facts have been cleared up, let’s make some drinks!

    Share your knowledge of Mezcal and Tequila with a drink! Here are some quick and easy drinks you can make for your family and friends.


    The Salsarita is our version of a saucy margarita. It’s made with Tequila and our Ancho Chile & Tamarind salsa! With the zing of our sauce mixed with the spice of tequila, it’s sure to win over your guests!

    Smoky Pineapple Mezcal Cocktail 

    Our Smoky Pineapple Mezcal Cocktail highlights the rich flavor of mezcal by pairing the smoky undertones of mezcal with the sweetness of pineapple. Made with our Tres Chiles & Mezcal salsa, the flavor combinations can’t be beat!

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