#JefaSpotlight: Yarel Ramos and Jessica Molina, Wait Hold Up Podcast

This week we are so excited to be featuring founders and hosts, Yarel Ramos and Jessica Molina! Yarel and Jessica are the power duo behind Wait, Hold Up!— a lifestyle podcast focused on holding conversations about careers, spirituality, self-care, personal improvement and much more. Read more about Yarel and Jessica's journeys as Latinx entrepreneurs and an important piece of advice they'd like to share!  

What is your business and what inspired you to start it?

We host Wait, Hold Up! - a podcast designed to empower women to live their best lives. We started the podcast because we saw that there weren't many women of color in the podcast space and we knew that we had to do more to highlight the diverse voices and experiences of men and women of color.


How do you overcome challenges and stay motivated?

Challenges are a given when you're starting something from scratch. We're motivated by our passion to tell stories and uplift a community that we know is just looking for resources to reach their fullest potential. We hold each other accountable, do weekly check-ins, and don't beat ourselves up if we fall behind on projects. Things will come together we just have to be patient and show ourselves some compassion.

What is an important lesson you’ve learned as a female latinx entrepreneur?

It's so important to be consistent and authentic and stay true to that voice. Be flexible. Things will change as you grow your business, so staying with a rigid idea of how things are supposed to look won't always help in the long run. We've learned that everything is figure-out-able. We do our research and come up with a way to make things happen.


Best advice you’ve received and would like to share?

There's enough room at the table for all of us. We aren't in competition with each other, we can all win.

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