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by La Cocina |

How To Make Tamales

Tamales are synonymous with Christmas or "Navidad" in Mexican households. Yet these corn husk wrapped corn cakes filled with meat or vegetable fillings capture the taste buds of people around the world. Memories are made every year in Mexican families when everyone gathers to make the assembly line of tamales. But, the labor intensive steps of making the sauce for the filling or making the "masa" or corn meal dough, is not fun for everyone. Which is why SALSAOLOGY  has made these steps easy so that you and your family and friends can focus on the fun of making tamales and make your own memories and traditions all year round! 

Tamale Kit

  • SALSAOLOGY Ancho Chile & Tamarind Sauce to make Pork or Mushroom Filling
  • Masa Dough Ingredients
  • 24 Corn Husks

What You'll Need

  • Vegetable Shortening
  • Water or Stock
  • Pork or Mushrooms for Vegan Option

Number of servings (yield): 24 tamales

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