Holiday One Pot Simmer Sauce Gift Set

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Give the gift of SALSAOLOGY! The One Pot Simmer Sauce Gift Set includes a jar of each of our One Pot Mexican Simmer Sauce flavors and is packaged in a beautiful ready-to-go gift box. It's the perfect gift for family, friends, and every foodie in your life.

Gift Set Includes:

Enjoy authentic Mexican meals in under 30 minutes with SALSAOLOGY One Pot Mexican Sauces. Cook with all three traditional flavors you already love without the hassle. Ideal for pressure cookers, slow cookers or stove top pots - in three easy steps you can make Barbacoa Tacos, Cochinita Pibil, or Tomatillo braises.  


Who We are

Woman owned and L.A. based, SALSAOLOGY is a line of all purpose, award-winning cooking sauces inspired by the regional flavors and ingredients of Mexico. Made with all-natural, non- GMO ingredients, our products help bring high-quality Mexican inspired flavors to your kitchen simple and fast.

Our Promise

We’re committed to sourcing the highest quality, local ingredients that help mitigate our environmental footprint. We are passionate about making clean label food products; free of preservatives and additives not just because it’s good for you but because we love our planet and the people living on it.