Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day to all the boss ladies out there! In honor of today, it only feels right to spotlight some of our favorite Los Angeles based Latina entrepreneurs whose brands we are obsessed with right now. From their products to their mission, these Jefas inspire us to share and celebrate our culture everyday!

Julissa Prado, Rizos Curls


Julissa is the creator behind Rizos Curls, a Latina-owned beauty brand creating products that embrace and celebrate the beauty of curls, kinks & waves everywhere. The name Rizos Curls, meaning Curls Curls, comes from a combination of both the Spanish and English words for curls. Julissa says the name Rizos Curls is a fun way to celebrate the new age Latina language of many: Spanglish.  

To read more about Julissa’s journey as an entrepreneur, check out her #JefaSpotlight

Rachel Gomez, Viva La Bonita


Rachel is the creator behind Viva La Bonita, a Latina lifestyle and apparel brand that focuses on creating products that are inspired by the spirit of fearless women. The name Viva La Bonita means Long Live the Beautiful, promoting one to feel beautiful in the inside and out. From home to apparel, Viva La Bonita both celebrates the Latinx heritage and inspires confidence and passion in women. 

To learn more about Rachel and her company, check out her website here!

Patty Delgado, Hija de tu Madre


Patty is the creator of Hija de tu Madre, a Latina lifestyle brand that focuses on creating fashionable statements that celebrate identity and culture. From jean jackets to stationary to jewelry, Hija de tu Madre is an "an ode to mujeres who are unapologetically Latina.” Patty started her business in 2016, with $500, a self-made website, and 30 of her hand-sowed Virgencita jackets, and a dream to create more Latina representation in fashion.   

To read more about Patty’s journey as an entrepreneur, check out her #JefaSpotlight

Vanessa Garcia, Querida Los Angeles


Vanessa is the creator behind Querida Los Angeles, a Latina-owned and operated jewelry brand. From rings to necklaces to earrings, Querida LA focuses on creating products that celebrate the Latinx community and culture. Vanessa hopes that Querida Los Angeles will blossom into a community and movement of empowered women practicing self-love and working towards promising futures.  

To read more about Vanessa’s journey as an entrepreneur, check out her #JefaSpotlight

Patty Rodriguez & Ariana Stein, Lil’ Libros


Patty and Ariana are the creators behind Lil’ Libros, a Latina-owned and operated picture book brand. Lil’ Libros promotes stories of inclusivity and love, as well as highlights the importance of bilingualism. These picture books encourage parents to read to their children in two different languages at the earliest age to prompt growth and education. They celebrate the Latinx culture by honoring stories of important figures in history with the use of rich and colorful illustrations. 

To learn more about Patty, Ariana, and their business, check out their website here!

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