Summertime Grilling Guide

There's nothing quite like a summer afternoon spent outdoors with friends and family— especially when it includes delicious food! Fire up the grill this weekend and try out some of these easy to make recipes that are sure to satisfy every craving.

Grilled Corn

It's not a proper barbecue without this summertime staple! Our grilled corn recipe gets a smoky flavor from being topped with our Ancho Chile & Tamarind sauce. 

Fajita Hot Dogs

Another saucy twist on an American summertime classic— this hot dog recipe is topped with bell peppers and onions sauteed with our Chile Negro & Hibiscus sauce to give it just the right amount of crunch and zest.

Three ingredients are all you need for this super easy but delicious Ancho Chile & Tamarind Grilled Chicken recipe, making it the perfect pick for any last minute gathering or meal.

Grilled Ribeye 

This recipe calls for a favorite grilling sauce: Tres Chiles & Mezcal— use it as a one ingredient marinade and as a steak sauce for extra flavor!

Grilled Shrimp Tacos

We couldn't make a summer grilling list without including tacos somewhere! These grilled shrimp tacos are easy to prepare and packed with flavor.

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